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Car accessories

It all started in 2003 when the first car accessories by alu-frost were produced. Although a lot has changed since then, we still have the same goal – supply the users of different vehicles in high quality door sills and rear bumper protectors, dedicated for their dream cars. Our products are not only the elements of the visual tuning. They also protect vulnerable to scratches places which can happen during the everyday car usage.

The length, width, bending angle and many more parameters are taken into account so that our products were a perfect and detailed fit.

Check us out, we surely have the accessories for your car.

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Sheet metal laser cutting
flat, pipes and profiles

We have specialized in steel laser cutting for 10 years now. Our CNC machine tool department isn’t only a set of machines, which works 24/7. It is a team of people who create this department: operators, planners, constructors and technologists. Their knowledge and experience supports our customers in terms of consultancy and designing. Technologically advanced laser and our own warehouse of various thickness and finishes materials enables us to fill the various orders efficiently.

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In order to take full advantage of our team’s potential and production capabilities, we created the alaser.pl brand.

This is the place where steel items for home and garden are made: personalized house numbers, garden hearth, wood baskets, clocks and umbrella stands. Using technologies such as the UV print and engraver, we supply out customers with colorful medals, statues, key chains and advertising magnets.

Our asset is that we do it ourselves, starting with the design and ending with the implementation. If you do not find a product that fully meets your expectations, please write us and we will use your tips to create a product or we will offer the solution.

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